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man on the sand
performed by g.nome

all my life I’ve stood in silence, but the time to speak is now
it’s so clear what they’re doing and I really don’t know how
we can simply excuse
our trust which they abuse
as they lie right to our face
we believe we must believe
we’re all blessed kings here in this place
but no matter how we may perceive it
they’re still cooking the books
they say it’s not how it looks
we’ll never try them for their crimes
we’ve bought it sinker, line and hooks

but it’s breaking down

there’s a man on the dead sand making his last stand
with a corporate brand on the front of his t-shirt
the gun in his hand
makes him feel like a real man
and he doesn’t give a goddamn
if you or he gets killed or hurt
up in the gated mansions everything is just swell
the God-blessed children got their own
an eternal season ticket to their box-seats in Hell but their Botox eyes don't see
and they never stop to ponder
how their trivial pursuits are killing people here and yonder
we’re all the Foreign Land
but now the man on the sand has got a bomb in his hand
he’s had more than he can stand
he’s even gunning for you
there’s nothing else that he can do

he’s breaking down

so go about your business as though nothing were awry
put your top down while we run from the sky
and keep telling us it’s junk science
just a hippie lie
and their markets still protect you because the governments you buy
act like porn stars in your beds
with dollars tucked into their threads
keeping us complacent with more of Eli Lilly’s meds
but the man on the sand
with the bomb in his hand
has a little something else planned...

let’s break it down.

Excerpt From the "Proclamation to the German Nation"
Adolf Hitler, 1933

"German Volk, give us four years' time and then pass judgment upon us. German Volk, give us four years, and I swear to you, just as we, just as I have taken this office, so shall I leave it. I have done it neither for salary nor for wages; I have done it for your sake! It has been the most difficult decision of my life. I dared to make it because I believed that it had to be."