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ain't nobody home
performed by g.nome

it's alright to sing out loud
'cause there ain't nobody home
it's alright to sing and freak and shout
'cause there ain't nobody home

i wanna sing like they do on my t.v.
i wanna sing like they do on my stereo
but whenever you're around
i'm afraid to make a sound
'cause i don't want you to think i'm a fool

when you're gone and i'm alone
this empty house becomes a home
my every thought belongs to me
sometimes i wonder what went wrong
but then my heart fills with song
if not for you, where would i be?

it's alright…

all i wanna do is just do what i wanna do
but that ain't exactly what you had planned
now there ain't nobody here
ain't nobody gonna think i'm queer
if i sing along with barbara streisand

when you're gone…

it's alright…